Sunday, February 27, 2011

Preliminary Pics

About to go eat, work, then workout. Gotta do it big like Manny Fresh.


  1. Good Luck. I've been doing the same on my private blog. I dont know if ill make it public yet.

  2. Bulking. Always bulking, lol. And yeah I would've made this private, but I feel a little public scrutiny wouldn't hurt my motivation.

  3. you look much better in shape then me, so keep it up!
    and i should start working out aswell

  4. good for you for doing this!

    I need to bulk my self, I'm actually about your same size and shape.

    I hurt my self snowboarding and now have problems with my rotary cuff in my shoulder. So it hurts to work out right now, which has obviously stopped my progress.

    I'm going to give more time for my shoulder to heal and than start getting in those calories and protein 'n hitting the iron more!

    I'll be following your progress with encouragement!

  5. You look great :) Keep up working out :)