Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day In Review

Did Chest/Triceps today. My arms are disproportionately big, and I'm probably going to just stop doing them all together soon. Heavy compound movements will keep them in check, and proportionality is, above all else, the name of the game. Bench was repped at 165 for 5-7 reps. This should be at 7-9 next workout.

Everyone always warns against overtraining. All I ever read is " muscles need ample rest, overtraining is a common mistake, make sure not to overtrain, etc etc". Well, it  is working very well for me. I'm up to 144 or so after lifting 2-3 hours per day.

My two rules:
1. Every body part must be in a constant state of soreness.
2. I must never be hungry.

150 is in the horizon. Until then!..


  1. I work out. Diet is very important. You can always over indulge slightly and cut when you have size. Good luck man following

  2. My second rule is the opposite of yours ha

  3. dont believe the overtraining bs. its all about intensity. keep it up bro! oh and dont forget to eat right as well

  4. good story, nice post

    + followed:)

  5. I did some Tri's today. Tr-tip sandwiches that is. They were delicious

  6. i don't agree with rule no. 1, but interested with your progress.

    following. :)

  7. U are making great progress, stick at it!